Another eminence in the blogosphere – Carnival of the Vanities

Carnivals are an interesting phenomenon for anyone wanting to get a sense of how the blogosphere works. Some willing volunteer scans submissions to determine the essence of each and list them in an easy format for dipping into as your fancy takes you. Wayne Hurlburt of Blog Business World has really put a great deal of effort into the latest version of the Carnival of the Vanities #141. This is the oldest and longest running blog Carnival and it covers a rich variety of topics.

You’ll find some of the best bloggers in the blogosphere are represented here. Our affiliate blog, The Other Bloke’s Blog, was represented by one of the latest posts, I’m feeling lucky. Wayne added the following commentary:
Over at The Other Bloke’s Blog, Barry Welford examines the ubiquitous Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Does anyone ever click that thing? Anyway, Barry suggests that a strong company name might help to hit the lottery on “Lucky” button. Barry suspects, however, that it’s more about Google’s own brand building, than about your brand.
That was typical of the thoroughness with which Wayne covered the long list of subscriptions.

If you’re thinking of getting involved in Carnivals, there is a multi-entry form to all of the Internet carnivals provided by The Conservative Cat.

If you visit only one of the Carnivals to see whether you like it, this is probably the best one to sample.

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