Slacker Manager Hosts Carnival of the Capitalists

Carnival of the Capitalists is to be found at Bren Connelly’s business and management blog known as Slacker Manager. As a bonus in addition to the 57 fine blogs listed you also get a chance to meet Rosa Say of Talking Story. She is hosting the Carnival in the absence of Bren and his wife Amy, who are away to Asia, where they are adopting a child from South Korea.

This is a great venue to see some of the best bloggers writing on the internet today. Our affiliate blog, The Other Bloke’s Blog, was featured for its post, I’m feeling lucky. It was summarized thus: Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Button seems to be about as useful as your appendix.

A one stop way of sending entries to all of the Internet carnivals is provided by The Conservative Cat .

Next week’s Carnival of the Capitalists will be found at GalaTime – Where Time is Money, a stock market information blog.

So expand your blogosphere horizons and visit the carnivals.

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