Bragadocchio tops 10,000 posts at the Cre8asite Forums

Well, there goes Bill Slawski, he’s just blown it. Over the top as usual.

No seriously, folks, I have enormous respect for bragadocchio. He really is incredible. How can you describe him in a few words? It would be like trying to produce a few snapshots to give an impression of the Titanic. … oops sorry – it’s that Brit humour popping out again.

It’s a pity there isn’t an awards show for contributors to forums. You could call them the Owlies. I’m sure Bill would be nominated for many and would take away several. So with a roll of the drums we’d hear:

Owlie for the most posts to a forum: … and the winner is … Jill Whalen of the High Rankings Forum
… that’s true folks from the very limited research I did. However Jill has many that are only a very-well chosen Emoticon.

Owlie for the most bytes in posts to a forum: … and the winner is … Bill Slawski of the Cre8asite Forums
… Yes, I’m sure Bill would take that one. He must have lightening fast fingers since he seems to create new and original material on so many topics that come up.

Owlie for the most hyperlinks in posts to a forum: … and the winner is … Bill Slawski of the Cre8asite Forums
… Yes again, that’s one of the most impressive features of Bill’s posts. He just seems to have stored away an infinity of highly relevant links.

That lead me on to another thought. How would Bill do against the machine? Something like that contest between Deep Blue and Gary Kasparov.

I had in mind something like Alan Turing’s test to determine whether you are dealing with a person or a computer. It’s based on a party game originally. We’ve advanced a lot since Turing proposed that test in 1950. So my test would be to determine which search source gave the most relevant list of links to a query. There would be 5 unidentied ‘portals’. Bill would be behind one door and Google, Microsoft Search, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves would be behind the other four doors. A keyword phrase would be given to all five and the challenge would be to produce the most relevant set of 10 hyperlinks. So what’s your guess on the order? My money is on the following:

… roll of drums …

#1 – Bill Slawski
#2 – Ask Jeeves

… and after that, it would depend on which week you did the test and which algorithm they’re using as to how G, M and Y! ranked.

You’re a big part of why the Cre8asite community is what it is, Bill. We’re all looking forward to reading the next 10,000 posts. Congratulations and heart-felt thanks for all you do.

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2 thoughts on “Bragadocchio tops 10,000 posts at the Cre8asite Forums”

  1. Thank you, Barry.

    For the Owlies, and for your kinds words. (That Jill is prodigious.)

    It is a good thing that I don’t get paid by the word, or someone would be bankrupt. I was busy clacking away on my keyboard in the office last week, and one of my co-workers was doing the same, and someone stuck their head in the office and checked to see if we were really typing that fast.

    Somehow, in a contest against Jeeves, I think I might be a John Henry contestant. I suspect the Butler has some more processing power than me.

    I’m going to take those next 10,000 posts one at a time Barry. Thank you for helping to make a good many of them a pleasure with your own thoughtful and interesting posts.

    Great links, by the way.


  2. Bill, it’s no less than your due. The SEM/SEO corner of the world yesterday was all singing your praises. You’ve earned a great deal of respect and gratitude. So go with the flow. I just tried to be part of the river.

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