We All Need A Different Point Of View

It’s surprising how many folk visit this Blog using a search for a ‘different point of view’, where we’re currently #1. Alfred Sloan of GM would have heartily agreed. If everyone’s agreeing too quickly then you should wait a little to make sure you’re not just rubber-stamping something or jumping aboard the band-waggon.

Perhaps that’s why BPWrap has done so well recently in the Carnival of the Capitalists. This travelling road show should be on your Newsfeed list. By my count it’s now been running weekly for 73 weeks and every week you can open your eyes to 40 or so new selected blog possibilities. It’s called a weekly sampler of economics and business blogging from around the web. BPWrap has been selected 5 times in the last 5 weeks. This week we’re the first quoted blog so we must be doing something right. That’s for the entry last week on the Canute Business Blogging Barometer.

We’re most pleased to be included and wish to give a big thanks also to Warren Meyer of Coyote Blog, this week’s host, for his efforts.

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