Geo-positioning lives – check out the BlogMap

Life is sometimes full of the strangest coincidences. On March 2nd, a SMM Newsletter was issued with the title, “Search Engine Optimization, Montreal, 2005“. One of the themes there was the slow pace at which Local Search is being effectively developed. In particular, the way geo-cordinates for web pages are not used widely seems to be a serious oversight.

Now today I become aware of the work of Chandu Thota. He has been working on a BlogMap that will allow any blogger to identify other bloggers in their vicinity. He had noted in his Blog that geo-coordinates for a blog can now be handled within the BlogMap. As I write, he has 732 Blogs within his database. It may be a very small fraction of all those blogs out there but it’s enough to show how it works.

The Internet has no national boundaries, but it means that all web pages and blogs are in a sense everywhere and in a sense nowhere physically. The BlogMap seems an excellent initiative to help bring blogs down to earth.

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