To Blog or Not To Blog: That is the Question.

That came to mind in seeing the apparent openness of Intel President Paul Otellini’s blog. Admittedly Otellini’s blog is strictly for Intel employees’ eyes only, and published on the company’s internal Web site. But a copy of the 8-week-old blog obtained by the Mercury News shows Otellini unplugged, conversing candidly with Intel’s rank and file about the challenges facing the Santa Clara chip giant. That’s very much in line with the ever-more pervasive interpersonal communications that is possible, nay perhaps even more expected, in this Blogosphere world. Circling the wagons and keeping a stiff upper lip will cut it less and less as time goes on.

I first spotted this on the Blog Herald, from whence it has since disappeared. However Steve Rubel still has the original source in his posting: Micro Persuasion: Intel CEO Blogs Behind the Firewall

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One thought on “To Blog or Not To Blog: That is the Question.”

  1. About 6 months before I left my last job, with the local County Council, we had a new Chief Executive start.

    Though he didn’t start blogging, he did start sending a weekly Friday afternoon email to everyone at County Hall basically saying what he’d been upto generally, what decisions were upcoming, what kinds of things we were going to have to deal with, the big picture really.

    I know a lot of people moaned about it, saying they didn’t have time to read it and that, but I quite liked it. First off it helped remind me who we were, as an organisation, not just about the bit that I dealt with. It also made me realise that budgets were going to be really tight and that things weren’t likely to get any better, so perhaps jumping ship was the best thing for my sanity 😉

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