ThreadWatch – A Rose By Any Other Name

There’s an interesting thread in that fine blog, Nick W, the owner had been concerned that Brett Tabke, who owns WebmasterWorld, had registered the domain It now turns out that this was a protective action on the part of Brett, who will be passing it across to Nick for free. It’s clearly a very neighbourly thing to do.

However it got me thinking. What’s in a name? How valuable is the domain name? After all they keep adding those new TLD’s at an astonishing rate. So would or have been better. I can see a very slight value in having the name but that is presently the property of

Much better is to “own” the name on the Internet as I’ve explained elsewhere. Check Threadwatch in the four majors, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves, and you’ll find that is #1 in all of them. I don’t think Nick W has any need to worry about anyone misappropriating the Threadwatch name any time soon.