How To Map The Blogosphere

Dave Pollard has an interesting viewpoint on how the Blogosphere should be mapped. He suggests that the London Underground Railway system might provide a useful approach. That’s been developed quite well as an approach in the Creative Learning BrainWareMap. I should perhaps declare a conflict of interest since that’s developed by my brother. However it’s still true that it’s applied to slightly more authoritative and potentially long-lasting Internet entities. Blogs are by their nature often mini-web pages that are only most relevant at the very moment of their creation. So I believe the London Underground Railway Map, even though it continues to expand, is too solid and durable as a picture of the Blogosphere. I think something like that picture of Tags in the Technorati Tag page, where we can see clumps developing and in constant change is more my view of the Blogosphere. How you best map that is a very fundamental question.

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