How Do You Like Your RSS newsfeed – Lean Or Full Text

Dana VanDen Heuvel has pushed strongly for RSS feeds with full text. Since some seem to prefer summaries and some full text, I decided to offer both starting this last weekend. I wondered about short words that could be used to describe the two versions of the RSS newsfeeds. I played around with the words, ‘Slim’ or ‘Lite’, but eventually settled on ‘Lean’. So you can either subscribe to ‘BPWrap – Full’ or ‘BPWrap – Lean’

By coincidence, I had very satisfying confirmation of my decision, when I saw a blog post from Eric Meyer. He is a fine web designer and has several RSS newsfeeds, each available in Full text or Summary versions. He in turn gives credit to Khoi Vinh’s Web Site called Subtraction. I too find Subtraction really sharp. It’s a powerful confirmation that this is the way to go when such eminences are adopting this approach.

NOTE added May 2006: With the switch to WordPress, the Lean RSS newsfeed is no longer available.