Google knows your time is precious

There’s a most illuminating account of a talk given by Marissa Mayer (Product Manager for Google) to be found on the website of Alan Williamson. It covers a long list of items and aspects of Google’s offerings to its audiences, as they evolved in the early days of Google. The picture is one of relaxed, creative chaos. Often simplicity was chosen because they didn’t know how to make it complicated. I guess any reason for using the KISS principle is good.

One of the most striking items for me was right at the back of the pack. It’s a principle that Google is said to regard highly:
Quote: Give Users What They Want When They Want It
… When They Want It Time, that so-often forgotten element. That’s the one resource where you can’t get any more and no one else can loan you some. When this minute has gone, it never comes back. Each of us knows that and most of us act accordingly. That image is taking too long to come up … so let’s click on. Google got it right, where so many others don’t. Truly, Time Is Critical.

Thanks to I, Brian for finding that reference.