A Tsunami Of News

It used to be that people could be overwhelmed by a flood of news. Well it’s going to get worse. You might wish to check out two important themes discussed by Steve Rubel in his blog, Micro Persuasion. This covers how blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations.

The first is Blogs are the New Journalism. If this keeps going on, everyone of us will be a journalist.

Then if blogs are the new communication medium, it’s easy to see why Companies Blog to Establish a Dialogue

So how do you live in this maelstrom. Well you can try to be aware of people you respect who are looking at all this. For example, there’s a new commentator, Ken Leebow, who finds Incredible blogs in his blog, Blogging about Blogs. However there are limits to how many people you can watch.

Luckily you can use your computer to do some prescreening. I use BlogLines. You can arrange to see as much or as little as you wish of the RSS feeds from the sources that might be of interest. That’s how I’m keeping my head above the flood.