FactCheck, a name to conjure with – Richard Cheney

There was an important example of the importance of “owning” a name on the Internet rather than assuming you may “own” it in some other way. The US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, in the Vice-Presidential TV debate spoke as follows according to the White House Press Release of what was said:
VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: Well, the reason they keep mentioning Halliburton is because they’re trying to throw up a smoke screen. They know the charges are false. They know if you go, for example, to factcheck.com, an independent website sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, you can get the specific details, with respect to Halliburton.

Unfortunately as is mentioned in the release, he should have said factcheck.org, which is the correct web address. The Washington Times explained what happened as a result. Many thousands of searchers after the facts ended up on a website giving information from one of the Administration’s critics.

Since the Internet is the ultimate communication medium now, it is most important that you don’t get lost in the cyber-crowd. You need a name that is uniquely yours, without any possibility of confusion. “SWOT That Company Name” should be your first priority.