Can You Order Your Cappuccino Through Your Web Page?

How Usable does your web page need to be? You have to attract the interest of someone who may not yet have the greatest interest in what you have to offer. That person also has had no training in using your web page. Will they make it work for them?

Is there some point of comparison that will tell us how good your web page needs to be? Remember this person may not be all that interested and has had no training on that web page screen. Who does that bring to mind? …

What about that waiter that served you your cappuccino and muffin this morning? Well the interest level may be about the same. Probably the waiter has had some training in using the touch screen. The POS (Point of Sale) Touch Screen he was using to enter the order and prepare the check seemed pretty simple. Your web page must work with someone with about the same interest level and who has less training. So it looks as though your web page should be even easier than that touch screen. How does your web page score in the ‘cappuccino test’?