The Website Ten Commandments

The latest agitation in the Internet Marketing World illustrates vividly the nature of the Internet space. The Internet is the ultimate in instant communication. Blog an important thought and people around the world can be talking about it in 10 minutes.

There have been several Internet Marketing storms this summer usually triggered by a post in a blog or an article on a web page. There was Seth Godin with his post on “The problem with search engine optimization“. Then along came Mike Grehan to ask “Who needs SEMPO?“. SEMPO as most people know stands for Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. The most recent was ‘compooter’ with his blog post, “the craptastic adventures of SES San Jose 2004“. Each of these tsunamis had an essential truth buried somewhere within it, which is why each developed its momentum. So what does all this ‘sound and light’ mean for the average webmaster?

Despite all the ranting and raving, the essential parameters for an effective website are unchanged. The fundamentals remain the same. You could call them the Ten Commandments. They cover the important parameters of Saleability, Searchability, Usability and Credibility. Unfortunately the vast majority of websites break one or other of the Commandments and are that much less effective. Check out a website that is important to you. If it’s not a perfect 10, then that website is under-performing.