What the Big Guys can learn from the Small Gals and Guys

This should have been the title of a thread I started in Robert Clough’s new Small Business Ideas Forum. That’s what most of the responses are really suggesting. Responsiveness to customers comes high on the list. I was struck again by this concept as I saw two very recent news items about dear old Microsoft.

The first said that Microsoft is realizing that folk are not happy with all the problems with Internet Explorer and are switching to other browsers. So IE is getting a new evangelist. I wondered as I read that whether he will get things done or will he only preach?

Now this morning we have the latest from Microsoft. The headline is:
Microsoft aims to save $1B this fiscal year
Company is tightening its belt, setting some aggressive targets for software sales

So if customer service could have been better in the past, will the Softies (a.k.a. the Microsoft troops) be now even more motivated to improve in that area as they see their company benefits cut? That evangelist has a really tough time ahead. I only hope he is up to the job.

One thought on “What the Big Guys can learn from the Small Gals and Guys”

  1. I remember in the good old days back in the 1980’s I was working for a large Forture 500 compnay and M$ was a tiny little company.
    Their C Compiler was always crashing so I called up the billster on a special phone number and yelled at him.
    Get your POS software working a big company depends on it! My job depends on it!

    Somethings never change.

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