Older links seem to be best for Google

It looks as though, with Dr. Bharat now being with Google, the algorithms are taking a dramatically new advance. This was the outstanding Post of the Month for me in the Forums thread, New Sites Put Into a “Sand Box” by Google. It may be that rather than new web pages going into a holding area for a few months, it is rather the backlinks that are put on hold for a time.

The way to test for any effect is said to be the same trick that was used during the Florida Update in November 2003. A ‘keyword phrase’ search is subject to the latest algorithm with whatever filters and weightings are now being applied. For a time it appears that a ‘keyword phrase -(nonsense characters)’ search does not apply the latest algorithm.

I did my own test on a search for my brother’s new website, BrainWareMap. This is a resource for ‘creative learning’. In fact, the results were even more dramatic than I quoted in the above thread. A simple Google search for ‘creative learning’ does not include the new website within the first 800 SERP entries. An older version of the Brainware Map at a different URL does appear at #169. Doing a search for ‘creative learning -(nonsense characters) shows the new website at #30. Based on its backlinks, this would not seem unreasonable. However this new website was only launched on April 13. So if there is a holding area for backlinks, this would explain why the website disappears if backlinks are not taken into account for some time. What an astonishing result.