Did Your Company Name Work Better Before The Internet?

In the days ‘Before Internet’ (BI), a company name had to work visually to be distinctive to human audiences. So some names were only seen as images because they were not typeable with a normal keyboard. Now that we are in the ‘After Internet’ era (AI), we may often use a computer to help us find a company’s website. Unfortunately images give zero information to a computer, unless some very sophisticated software is used. So a great name BI drops off the radar screen in this AI era.

Toys “R” Us first started with its logo name
in 1970. That’s well BI so they can hardly be faulted. It was a distinctive name and worked very well for them. Anderson Consulting in changing its name in 2000 chose a logo name
that did not work so well. It was somewhat surprising that a global consulting company should not realize the sea change that was occurring. 2000 was clearly AI.

This is a very clear change: BI, a world of images, versus AI, a world of information and of text characters. Choosing a company name is one of the most important strategic choices for a company. SWOT analysis is a technique used to evaluate strategic options. Check on a recent Newsletter to find out how to SWOT that company name.