If It's Urgent, Ignore It

This title, “If It’s Urgent, Ignore It“, is to be found in the current issue of the magazine, Fast Company. Seth Godin, inventor of Permission Marketing, wrote the article. This is a theme we will take up in a coming newslet, since it is good advice for anyone planning their Internet marketing strategy. However it’s a very thought-provoking way of expressing an idea that was raised by Stephen Covey, author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

This idea was discussed in an SMM Newsletter entitled “Urgent, Important – is there a marketing issue you are neglecting?“. Stephen Covey encouraged people to classify items by whether they are Important or Unimportant and are Urgent or Non-urgent. The resulting “window” was described in greater detail in another Newsletter, Windows – 3 for outstanding performance.. However you may ask yourself, how many people really do what Stephen Covey suggested on a regular basis. I think Seth Godin has simplified it dramatically to a question that people really may ask themselves often. What are the important things I should be doing now?