BWrap wrapped: BPWrap unwrapped – Oh Oh Sorry!

Well is my face red! I missed something I’m always advising others to do. I didn’t check that the Blog name was hopefully unique in Google. My middle initial is P so originally I thought of calling it BPWrap. That’s pronounced bee-pee-rap. Then I thought of simplifying it to BWrap, pronounced bee-rap. … and that’s what I went for.

If I had done a Google search, I would have found a number of entries from the Black Women’s Rape Action Project. This London, UK, group seems to be doing some good work and getting some publicity for their efforts. They use the acronym, BWRAP. I wouldn’t want to confuse things by another initiative using the same name. So I’ve gone back to my original idea, for which there is only one other somewhat obscure mention in Google.

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